Arcadian Damsel (Beautiful Innocence)

Indeed, one of my favorite drawing, and one that has so much history with the exposure of my art. This one was exposed on the Visual Elements 55, a yearly juried exhibition of the Woodstock Art Gallery; with this piece I began my artistic career.

Pay attention to this rose, and you will see more than just a flower. Look and it will transform into a girl who is dancing, her hands and foot are calla lilies. This girl is looking away from us, and from her head a beautiful rose grows and within flowers are blooming.

One day, on our way back from a funeral, we stopped at a restaurant in Mennonite country. There were so many young people serving the meals. They were full of life and joy; what a contrast from the funeral! At the moment I was single, so when I got home I prayed to God with my pencil as I drew this picture. It represents the purity of life, the essence of innocence and godliness. It represented the lady I was to marry and how I requested her to the Lord… with pure thoughts as flowers blooming in her mind, delicate and sincere, beautiful and wonderful.

On the background you will find some writing, these are the letters I sent to my family and friends the day the Lord opened my eyes to meet the lady I was to marry

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